Thursday, March 25, 2010

why "fuck"

nowadays everyone makes beats...some bum ass trash can fuckin drunk ass motherfuck hittin shit against a wall and throwin shit through windows callin it music. you all know its true, but no one knows why...UNTIL NOW...ladies and gentlemen, i present you with the first SPACE AGE TRUTH: its cus of fuckin "Stomp"

what the fuck is this shit, who told these fucks that this counts as music? im fuckin angry, and fuck you if you arent too. but i know you are..cus youre tuned in to ya boy, space age mothafucka. space age...bringin the new heat, this is the industrial revolution of makin real music...the manhattan project of not bein a bitch...the barack obama and joe biden of havin big nuts.

so what im sayin is, this blogs sayin Fuck S.A.T. Beats...but uhh you'd think i would be saying "SAT beats Are hella good!"..but im not, im just mockin the fuckin haters, cus whether they the jealous type, the goerge bush type (u know im all about the george KUSH tho!), or just the fuckin loser type, every last hater be sayin FUCK SAT BEATS!! Cus thay cant be as good as me!! this shits for you then haters, when you go to google and be like :( "fuck sat" cus im not as cool as him, imma be right there, www dot fucksatbeats dot blogspot dot com...bitches. but for all you reals out there, strayin away from the lames, this shits for you too, cus i wont be hatin on the haters ima just be doin my thing, for the reals like you and me.

smokin blunts dipped in other shit, just to get higha as shit n keep makin beats. peacin til later.

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