Monday, March 29, 2010

new contribuHATER

WWWWWAAAAASSSHHHGGGGOOOOOD HATERS. Im the new contributor out the camp, straight reppin C-MAFIA. Look Out for Darth Dro, the ostentatious pimp/player/ ill rime sayer. And over and above all FUCK THAT WAK-ASS S.A.T. BULLLSHIIIT.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

alaskas got bears, fuck you uplake

this fuckin city we live in. my homies are goin to alaska and thats hella far away, but they got one thing we dont got. they got fuckin BIIGG bears dude, i went all the way to the top of the US just to get some fuckin big bear and still couldnt get it. in alaska tho, they got hella big bear cus people get eatin and shit by hela type of fuckin animals and shit. the problem with this is that they cant even bring back the fuckin big bear forties cus the fuckin bullshit> big bears arent coo with teh feds heere dude. but at least we did we did our best, to find the bears bro. but atleast we got OE... FUCK THAT. i just wanted big bears, and you all knew this.

space age to ground control...SPACE AGE MISSION 1 confirms there is no big bear in seattle...fuck

we promoted tho by posting hella oh fuck fliers about my shit i my city. anyways, my firends are going to alaska, shits stupid cus the oxy is hella expensive there and the bears are hella fuckin mean, but at least that trip fuckin sucks. i;ll be here, goin fuckin ham cus its friday and we got nothin to fuckin do.

haters lick da fuckin bitches nuts cus my nuts too fuckin elite. smok blunts dipped in FUCK THE HATERS cus that sihts greezy. fuck you

Luke Bluntwalker signin out

Friday, March 26, 2010

beefin with the feds

i live in a city thats aight. by that i mean theres some fuckin bullshit but its aight. everydays a struggle for every person, like people say theres starving people in places so eat that shit and finish your plate. but people are starvin in this fuckin place too, so suck my dick i'll finish whatever i want. read and weap man, shit

to quote thomas jefferson, "prohibition is like a bitch with a dick..i dont fuck with it". fuckin t jeffs was a hypocrite and had hella slaves n shit, and he probably never even smoked blunts, so he kinda fuckin blows, but i gotta have his shit on this one. i was like aight when they shit on joose cus that shits for pussies (sike i drank hella but that shit was aight), and i never fuckin heard of hamm's iced brewed ale, but u know im goin ham fuckin way too much so thats the shit my moms musta given me that shit when i was a lil rascal lol.. i think i grew up on that shit or somethin, like some kids was readin "Where are the Wild things @", but i was just swerved n shit. my pops was like fuck it too so i was like yee and got lit. but aight so what im sayin is, FUCK TE POLICE FOR TAKIN BIG BEAR AWAY. not even trynna fuck with the boys n blue cus i lost my strap like last week, but all im tryna do is sip some Bear. so tonite raise a blunt if youre with me, im going on a roadtrip ima find some big bear, ima bring it back to my people. fuckin space age mission, its like "2010, a malt odyssee" except u know i drive better swervd so it aint gonna be no apolo 13 shit. hit me on twitter if you want me to get you some Bear. fuck sat beats, fuck the 5-0, bitchs suckin dick just to get some beats so u cant touch me

smokin blunts dipped in malt liquor cus that shit tastes better. fammin out

Thursday, March 25, 2010

why "fuck"

nowadays everyone makes beats...some bum ass trash can fuckin drunk ass motherfuck hittin shit against a wall and throwin shit through windows callin it music. you all know its true, but no one knows why...UNTIL NOW...ladies and gentlemen, i present you with the first SPACE AGE TRUTH: its cus of fuckin "Stomp"

what the fuck is this shit, who told these fucks that this counts as music? im fuckin angry, and fuck you if you arent too. but i know you are..cus youre tuned in to ya boy, space age mothafucka. space age...bringin the new heat, this is the industrial revolution of makin real music...the manhattan project of not bein a bitch...the barack obama and joe biden of havin big nuts.

so what im sayin is, this blogs sayin Fuck S.A.T. Beats...but uhh you'd think i would be saying "SAT beats Are hella good!"..but im not, im just mockin the fuckin haters, cus whether they the jealous type, the goerge bush type (u know im all about the george KUSH tho!), or just the fuckin loser type, every last hater be sayin FUCK SAT BEATS!! Cus thay cant be as good as me!! this shits for you then haters, when you go to google and be like :( "fuck sat" cus im not as cool as him, imma be right there, www dot fucksatbeats dot blogspot dot com...bitches. but for all you reals out there, strayin away from the lames, this shits for you too, cus i wont be hatin on the haters ima just be doin my thing, for the reals like you and me.

smokin blunts dipped in other shit, just to get higha as shit n keep makin beats. peacin til later.