Saturday, March 27, 2010

alaskas got bears, fuck you uplake

this fuckin city we live in. my homies are goin to alaska and thats hella far away, but they got one thing we dont got. they got fuckin BIIGG bears dude, i went all the way to the top of the US just to get some fuckin big bear and still couldnt get it. in alaska tho, they got hella big bear cus people get eatin and shit by hela type of fuckin animals and shit. the problem with this is that they cant even bring back the fuckin big bear forties cus the fuckin bullshit> big bears arent coo with teh feds heere dude. but at least we did we did our best, to find the bears bro. but atleast we got OE... FUCK THAT. i just wanted big bears, and you all knew this.

space age to ground control...SPACE AGE MISSION 1 confirms there is no big bear in seattle...fuck

we promoted tho by posting hella oh fuck fliers about my shit i my city. anyways, my firends are going to alaska, shits stupid cus the oxy is hella expensive there and the bears are hella fuckin mean, but at least that trip fuckin sucks. i;ll be here, goin fuckin ham cus its friday and we got nothin to fuckin do.

haters lick da fuckin bitches nuts cus my nuts too fuckin elite. smok blunts dipped in FUCK THE HATERS cus that sihts greezy. fuck you

Luke Bluntwalker signin out

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