Friday, March 26, 2010

beefin with the feds

i live in a city thats aight. by that i mean theres some fuckin bullshit but its aight. everydays a struggle for every person, like people say theres starving people in places so eat that shit and finish your plate. but people are starvin in this fuckin place too, so suck my dick i'll finish whatever i want. read and weap man, shit

to quote thomas jefferson, "prohibition is like a bitch with a dick..i dont fuck with it". fuckin t jeffs was a hypocrite and had hella slaves n shit, and he probably never even smoked blunts, so he kinda fuckin blows, but i gotta have his shit on this one. i was like aight when they shit on joose cus that shits for pussies (sike i drank hella but that shit was aight), and i never fuckin heard of hamm's iced brewed ale, but u know im goin ham fuckin way too much so thats the shit my moms musta given me that shit when i was a lil rascal lol.. i think i grew up on that shit or somethin, like some kids was readin "Where are the Wild things @", but i was just swerved n shit. my pops was like fuck it too so i was like yee and got lit. but aight so what im sayin is, FUCK TE POLICE FOR TAKIN BIG BEAR AWAY. not even trynna fuck with the boys n blue cus i lost my strap like last week, but all im tryna do is sip some Bear. so tonite raise a blunt if youre with me, im going on a roadtrip ima find some big bear, ima bring it back to my people. fuckin space age mission, its like "2010, a malt odyssee" except u know i drive better swervd so it aint gonna be no apolo 13 shit. hit me on twitter if you want me to get you some Bear. fuck sat beats, fuck the 5-0, bitchs suckin dick just to get some beats so u cant touch me

smokin blunts dipped in malt liquor cus that shit tastes better. fammin out

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