Sunday, July 31, 2011

Caution - Structurally Compromising Degradation

Hey shit be fucked up sometimes.. thats just how it be, ya know. the worlds fucked up, thats facts, cant change that. most people on earth be off some shit. we are all greedy scheming lying disgusting people, and we all have our ulterior motives, but i mean thats just the shit that makes shit interesting and fun right? i think so. i think we should take to the streets and tear this whole motherfucker down, burn it all, tear some poor motherfuckers face off. i say we embrace our vices better yet, lets celebrate them! i say we REALLY live every day like its our last. I say we take what we want and destroy what we don't, while having no mercy for the unlucky scab that winds up on the bottom of the totem pole. fuck it.
sadly until everyone else in the world comes completely unwired and starts short circuiting like me that's probably not gonna happen.

call me when when the world ends. i don't know about you but I'll be holding my fucking breath.